The Best Presentation Folder Designs

Published: 13th March 2009
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In these trying times, you need all the competitive edges that you have to get that investor, client or customer. One of these competitive edges that you should have is the presentation folder. Making the best presentation folders should always be your concern when you need to present a project or report. Investors, clients and customers respond well to beautifully designed pocket folders because they act as a subtle medium that impresses upon them the best qualities of your presentation or report. So, if you are going to invest in presentation folder printing you need to have the best design that you can imagine. Below are a few design tips we have collected that a lot of successful presentation folders use.

1. Changing shapes and sizes: One of the most successful design strategies for presentation folders is the changing of the folder's shape or size. You can have folders that are smaller or bigger than the standard folder size. Also you can change the color folder's shape. It can be a circle, a triangle or the shape of your product or other related concepts. Basically, any size and shape that is out of the ordinary will always engage the curiosity in people. If they are curious about your presentation folder, they will give more attention to it, especially the materials inside.

2. Different materials: Another good tip in designing presentation folders is to try different materials. Your folders can be made of normal folder paper or board, or you can try something interesting like recycled paper, textured paper, embossed lettering, and even plastic if you want. Having a different kind of material for your presentation folder makes it out of the ordinary. If you play your cards right, your audience will be interested in reading the contents of such an interesting folder. Also, with this attention to detail they will think that you are hard working enough to trust what you say in your presentation.

3. Classic Full color: As normal as it may seem, the classic full color presentation folder still works as an effective and eye-catching folder. There is nothing like a nice full color folder with eye-candy graphics printed on it to impress investors and clients alike. That is why it is always better to print full color pocket folders than to settle for the boring off the shelf kind. If you are not to keen with the other design ideas in this list, then go for this safe but effective design strategy.

4. Interactive: Infrequently used, but very effective if executed right is the interactive presentation folder. You can print color folders that have some interactive elements integrated within its covers. For example, you can have a folder that has a pop-up presentation that supports your actual report as well. Another idea can be and interactive graph embedded in the folder where people can change from one set of data to the next. This gives an extra element of involvement in the part of you audience that makes them pay attention to the information you are presenting. Check with your presentation folder printing company if they can do this for you.

Those are just four of the best design ideas for presentation folders, but those should already be enough to make your folders more interesting and competitive. So go ahead, use these concepts on your next presentation folder printing.

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