Booklet Printing for Event Programs: The Basics

Published: 11th February 2010
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Booklet printing for event programs is very different from other kinds of booklet printing. Since programs are more focused on a show and its specific details, there are certain booklet features that must always be there. There are also certain booklet printing options that should always be adapted to the design to really make the color booklet an event program. In this article I will give you the basic factors that makes a color booklet a true program booklet for an event.

• Print in large dimensions - Most program booklets for events have a large size or dimension. They are not thick books of course, but in size they can usually be blown to a full letter sizes booklet (8.5 by 11 inches) or more if need be. This is usually the case because a program booklet will need to display lots of information in a single page. Also most programs have lots of attached images that will also require a lot of space. So if you are planning to print booklets for an event, always go for the bigger dimensions when possible.

• Always add lots of images - Another standard policy for printing booklets for events is to add lots of images. People usually get a better sense of a TV show, a movie or even an event or play by looking at images. Images provide that added emotion or feeling that people can expect from the event. So make sure that you have plenty of stocks of images and the space necessary to insert them. Add a gallery for images, or always place a representative image in each section of your event program.

• Do not forget a table of contents - Of course, never forget to add a small section for the table of contents. Some of your guest will probably want to go directly to certain sections such as the schedule, a cast list, speaking points, feature articles etc. It is good to make it easier for them to find the sections they want through the tables. Be detailed if you can so that they can really pinpoint what they need.

• Use glossy and impressive booklet printing - Finally, what all event programs or program booklets really need is impressive booklet printing. Your printed paper must really look great with thick pages and glossy finishes. The thick pages make the program tough, while the glossy finish makes the program look very impressive. Also do not forget to have the booklets applied with some moisture resistant coatings so that they won't deteriorate easily. As long as you use high quality paper materials and coatings, your program booklet will really look like a proper and impressive event program

So those are the basics for booklet printing for events, shows etc. Always integrate these concepts in your own program booklet printing to be always sure of a high quality and functional design that has an impact on its readers.

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